Sunday, April 27, 2008

Nicholas visits Purdue

This past Friday Teresa and I took Nicholas up to West Lafayette to visit the Building Construction management program. We had a very good meeting and tour of Knoy Hall with one of the admissions people. The program is one of the top in the nation with only 500 students in all four classes. They typically admit only 75 freshmen per year and the rest are transfer students from other schools or other disciplines at Purdue so Nicholas knows that he must keep his grades at B or better along with a good mix of extra curricular activities.

After our appointment we went over to Memorial Union and had lunch in the remodeled Sweetshop. The whole time the three of us had been on this trip I guess I had been acting like a kid telling stories and just generally excited about the whole trip. So after lunch we went back to the Jeep and got on our bikes for a tour of the campus by bike, but the only place Nicholas was interested in was going over to Slayter hill so he could ride up and down it a couple of times. Meanwhile Teresa and I rode around Cary Quad and I tried to explain the Nude Winter Olympics. That is where at midnight on what is guessed to be the coldest night of the winter contestants run around the inside courtyard in the buff and the guy that completes the most laps wins. Girls were encouraged to run, but I never saw any, but they were always in the crowd.

Okay time to change the subject. We also had time to drive around a bit and we went over to married student housing so I could show Nicholas where Debbie and I lived but that was not to be. 116-11 Nimitz drive has been torn down and it looks like a new daycare facility is being constructed there. I have posted a picture from another building on Nimitz so you can get the feel.

For me it was really neat being back on campus and I was reminded how diverse the student population was and it is still that way. A very good thing for Nicholas because the real world is culturally diverse. So much has changed but it is still neat and all red brick!

For Nicholas, he was very impressed with the program (Teresa was so excited, she wants to go also) he said it was exactly what he was hoping, since his goal is to manage some of the large building construction projects going on in any city around the world. Whenever you talk to him ask about his visit!